Benedictine Sisters of Erie Home Home
Welcome to Our Circle

When: Sep 11 at 5:00 pm

Neighborhood Art House
201 East 10th Street
Erie, PA 16503

Tel: 814-455-5508

Each day before classes begin, the children sing a song We Are Part of a Circle that includes the phrase Welcome to Our Circle. The children would like to welcome you to their circle at the 2018 Taste of the Arts. This year's event features opportunities for guests to interact directly with the children as they show you just what they are doing in some of their classes. Register on-line using this Taste of the Arts Registration, or contact the NAH office for further information.

The Taste of the Arts committee has been meeting since January to design a special evening for our guests to experience a day at the Art House. Music students will be playing in the Art House as you tour the front gallery and dance space to make your selections of children's art that they have offered for sale. The tent set-up has been changed a bit to free up space for greater movement so guests can more easily socialize with each other and enjoy the class demonstrations.

We hope you will be part of our circle as we welcome you to Taste of the Arts.

Inner-City Neighborhood Art House • 201 East 10th Street • Erie, PA 16503 • T: (814) 455-5508 • F: (814) 480-8942