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Make a Donation to the Neighborhood Art House

Here at the Neighborhood Art House, Erie’s inner-city children experience beauty in the arts and the environment in a safe and nourishing after-school and summer environment because generous people care about them and their future. Donations from individuals, organizations and businesses provide 97% of our annual funding needs.

Whether yours is the $5 donation of a senior on fixed income, or the $10,000 donation of an event sponsor, every cent you give makes a difference in the life of a child.

It takes
$1,000 to sponsor a child at the Neighborhood Art House for a term.
$500 to transport 90 children on field trips.
$250 to provide private musical instrument lessons for a child for one year.
$100 to enable a child to have the shoes, costumes and instruction for a year of dance classes.
$50 to provide art class materials for a child for one term.
$25 could provide two books for the children’s reading library.
Whatever you contribute, you will be helping to provide a safe place and nurturing environment for inner city children after school.

Inner-City Neighborhood Art House • 201 East 10th Street • Erie, PA 16503 • T: (814) 455-5508 • F: (814) 480-8942