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2017 Closes with a Flourish

Neighborhood Art House Open House

A lively and well-attended Open House closed out the Fall 2017 session with a flourish. Parents and siblings enjoyed the displays of student art work as they moved about the walls and tables holding paintings, prints, mosaics, and clay creations. It is always enjoyable to observe the children proudly showing off their work and explaining how it was done.

Performances by student dancers and musicians were warmly received by a very attentive audience. Do take a moment to view clips of these Open House performances by scrolling down to the Open House video below.

Hand-built clay tea pot - Neighborhood Art HouseHand-built clay tea set created at the Neighborhood Art HouseExploring polymer clay at the Neighborhood Art HouseQuilting is a favorite class at the Neighborhood Art House.


Neighborhood Art House Summer - in the manner of Chihuly

"What is that hanging in the garden?" you might ask as you drive by the Art House. Created "in the manner of Chihuly," the famous glass sculpture artist who works in huge dimensions, it is the work of the Fun With Acrylics Class. However, this sculpture is made out of plastic bottles, not glass. This class project directed by Mary Kay Geary is just one of the many examples of "upcycled art" created at the Art House this summer.

In Sue Hunter's clay classes the children used Crayola Model Magic provided through a partnership with Springhill Suites, wire recovered from...

It was a sock; now it's an elephant in Neighborhood Art House summer programVertical Gardens created by upcycling embroidery hoops and electrical wire and adding Crayola Model Magic Clay brings out the imagination!Junk Art - summer class at the Neighborhood Art HouseYoung ones making picture frames from popsicle sticks.


Neighborhood Art House Children greet ANNA Shelter dogs.

After months of printing and stamping them, the children in Sarah Everett's Printmaking class were ready to present several hundred colorful bandanas to the ANNA Shelter. The intention was that these bandanas, stamped with the Art House logo and the words Handmade with love by a student at the Inner City Neighborhood Art House, would be worn by each dog as it was adopted and left the shelter for its "Forever Home."

ANNA Shelter's director, Ruth Thompson, visits Neighborhood Art House.Patti Eichen, shown here holding Rocco, is both a member of the Neighborhood Art House staff and a volunteer at the ANNA Shelter.  She was the impetus behind this project.Neighborhood Art House Bandanas for the Anna Shelter.Rocco receives a Neighborhood Art House Bandana.You look pretty, Maggie!


Fairview Cares donates supplies to Neighborhood Art House

The first day of spring brought with it an amazing donation of “wish list” items contributed by Fairview Elementary and Middle School students. From toothpaste to laundry soap, crayons to air dry clay, the Fairview School District’s families gave generously to this part of the year-long Fairview Cares campaign.

Erik Kincaid, Fairview School District Superintendent introduces student leadersFairview School District students visited the Neighborhood Art House.Sr. Pat Lupo explained the Art House environmental program to touring Fairview Cares student leaders.

Master Gardener Shares Expertise

Master Gardener at Neighborhood Art House

There's nothing to see in a garden during the winter, right? Not so! says Mike Bailey, Master Gardener, while guiding Neighborhood Art House children through the raised beds at the Emmaus Grove Urban Garden. On an seasonably warm day in late February, the children no only took a look, they also felt the seemingly dried up remains of the garden plants and smelled them as well. They were surprised to see the beginning of the greening that was soon to come. The Master Gardeners have been wonderful partners for the Neighborhood Art House gardening class, assisting Sr.

Take a closer look - Mike Bailey at Neighborhood Art HouseMike Bailey - Master Gardener - with Neighborhood Art House ChildrenMike Bailey - Master Gardener - with Neighborhood Art House Children

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