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Neighborhood Art House Spring Open House

Families flocked to the Art House for both the Spring Recital and the Spring Open House. Both annual gatherings are opportunities for the children to share the fruit of the classes they have taken over the Winter/Spring term. Take a look at the accompanying pictures, and scroll down to view the videos, one from the Open House and one from the Recital.

The music recital honored all music students, the accomplished and the beginner, in strings and piano. Solo pieces, duets by siblings and friends, and contributions from all the violin students playing together came together to form a delightful evening for all. Pieces ranged from the simple offerings of beginning piano students, to serious compositions by major composers. The importance of the recital was evidenced by the care that the children, and, no doubt, their parents, had taken with their performance-ready attire.

Hundreds of paintings, drawings, prints, and pieces from the other visual arts classes were on display at the Open House. The children delighted in showing their parents and friends the art they had created. The stage performances featured various dance forms, music presentations and a sampling of the Earth Day tips that had been televised during April. The air was filled with the excitement, and indeed the nervousness, that performing for others seems to require.

These two events are an essential part of the Art House program. It is an opportunity for the children to shine, to share, and to celebrate their achievements. Well done students and teachers!

Neighborhood Art House Recital
Piano duet - Spring Recital
Strings Duet - Neighborhood Art House
Strings Duet - Spring Recital
Neighborhood Art House Spring Open House
Spring Open House - Art on Display
Spring Open House Art Display
Spring Open House - Masks and More
Neighborhood Art House Open House Dancers
Hoop Dancing at NAH Open House
Open House at Neighborhood Art House
Open House - Young Hoopers
Earth Day Tips shared at Neighborhood Art House
Earth Day Tips Shared by Green Team
Neighborhood Art House Prints
Open House - Prints on Display
Neighborhood Art House Ceramics Display
Ceramics on Display

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