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Volunteer Opportunities

VOLUNTEERS are an essential part of the Neighborhood Art House. In one year at least 5,000 hours of service are given directly to the program by those serving as teachers, tutors, readers, program assistants and classroom aides and another 500 hours given to assist at events. In addition there are over 400 hours given by those who serve on boards and committees. Without a doubt, volunteer services are key to the operation of the Neighborhood Art House! High School and College Students click here.

Adults who wish to volunteer at the Neighborhood Art House are asked to complete a NAH Adult Volunteer Form. An applicant may submit a form ON-LINE, may DOWNLOAD a form, or may contact us to request a form (455-5508) . Once the application has been received, the Program Director will contact applicants for additional information and to schedule an interview.

Clearances: Volunteers who work with the children as tutors, readers, program assistants, or classroom aides are required by the state of Pennsylvania to have current Child Abuse and Criminal History Clearances. There are exceptions to this including those whose services are of short duration such as readers during the summer session, student volunteers fulfilling service hours, those assisting with field trips, those not working with children and those who work on a particular short-term project. Youth volunteers who are under 18 years of age are also not required to obtain their clearances.

Applying for Clearances: Fees for volunteer clearances are waived or are reimbursed by the Neighborhood Art House. We will be happy to assist anyone who requests our help in completing the applications for clearances. The State of Pennsylvania has provided Clearance Information to assist you with the process. Please contact us for any assistance that you may need.

TEACHERS: Some Art House classes and private music lessons are taught by volunteers. At present these include flute, piano, and several classes in the visual arts and yoga. Teachers commit to conduct weekly classes or lessons for a full session: fall or winter/spring, or a full week in the summer. After receiving the NAH Adult Volunteer Form the Program Director will contact you for additional information and to schedule an interview.

READERS: Would you like to share your love of reading with boys and girls who attend the Neighborhood Art House? If your answer is yes, become part of Hooked on Books for Kids, a local nonprofit organization that provides readers for the Neighborhood Art House. Many of the children attending the Neighborhood Art House have not had the opportunity to listen to someone reading to them. Volunteer for the summer program and read during the lunch hour for one or more weeks of the summer or during the after-school program where readers come one or more afternoons per week (Monday – Thursday, 3:00 – 4:30). To apply to be part of the Hooked on Books for Kids program, please complete an NAH Adult Volunteer Form. In addition to the general information, one part of this form applies to readers only. Become a Reader: flll out an online registration form now.

TUTORS: Tutors assist children with homework and help them improve their academic skills. This option is available to the children during the After School Program, 3:00 – 4:30 Monday through Thursday. You do not need to be a professional teacher; you do need to care about children and to be willing to help them through their various assignments with patience and perseverance. To become a tutor, please submit a NAH Adult Volunteer Form on line or through the mail. Once the application form has been received, the Program Director will contact you personally for additional information and to schedule an interview.

PROGRAM ASSISTANTS: Program Assistants help in many ways: setting out snacks, preparing classroom materials, accompanying field trips, and serving as a classroom aides. If you would like to offer this type of service, complete a NAH Adult Volunteer Form; the Program Director will contact you personally for additional information and to schedule an interview.

SPECIAL EVENTS: The Neighborhood Art House holds two major fundraisers each year, Art & Sole, a 5K Run/Walk in early June and Taste of the Arts, a performance and reception in September. We need many volunteers for these events and occasionally for others as well. If you are interested in assisting with events, either in preparation for them or assisting at them, please call or email.

Call 814-455-5508 or email now!

Volunteer Opportunities for High School and College Students: Fulfill required service hours or volunteer simply because you want to be of service to others. Call or email us. We'll ask you to complete an information form when you arrive the first day. We limit the number of student volunteers who can be accommodated each day to five, so you are asked to call to confirm when you are coming and to make sure there is space for you on a given day. College students looking for Off-Campus Community Service opportunities should contact their institution’s Financial Aid office to apply for placement at the Neighborhood Art House. Those who want additional information may contact us. Students can volunteer in these areas: Reading, Tutoring, Program Assistant, Office Assistant and for Special Events such as Taste of the Arts and Art & Sole.

Call 814-455-5508 or email now!
Neighborhood Art House - Dottie Glover
Lisa Chinsky, tutor
Cindy Balczyk - Program Assistant for Sarah
Matt and Christina, Art & Sole volunteers
College student serving as program assistant

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